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Uncovering Philadelphia: Mount Moriah Cemetery

On our first segment of Uncovering Philadelphia, we decided to expose the forgotten and overgrown cemetery that is Mount Moriah Cemetery. One of the oldest cemeteries in the city, Mount Moriah is home to thousands of forgotten men and women. Watch as we expose the overgrown yet beautiful cemetery that is Mount Moriah! Enjoy!



Uncovering Philadelphia: Chinatown

Today we went to a bit of a more popular area of the city, Chinatown. But in stead of going to the more memorable parts of Chinatown, we explored the places where the locals like to go to. Watch as we expose the hidden treats of Chinatown! Enjoy!



Glass Animals does it again in this hypnotizing song, Exxus. The amount of time and effort that had to have gone into making and creating this whole video must have taken days. As a viewer it amazes me how beautifully the songs and the way the claymation turn into new “beings” sync together and I just get lost both. Just sit back and lose your mind to the “Exxus.”